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Silent Hill Alchemilla

Der Titel lautet Silent Hill: Alchemilla und wurde mit Hilfe der Source-Engine erstellt. Dabei handelt es sich um keinen Remake, sondern um ein. Silent Hill Alchemilla Release: Mehr Informationen zu Silent Hill Alchemilla, weitere Spiele & mehr findest du auf Silent Hill: Alchemilla will die Atmosphäre von Silent Hill einfangen, dabei aber kein Remake sein. Die Half-LifeMod wurde von Fans.

Silent Hill: Fans entwickeln eigenes Spiel basierend auf dem Horror-Klassiker

Der Titel lautet Silent Hill: Alchemilla und wurde mit Hilfe der Source-Engine erstellt. Dabei handelt es sich um keinen Remake, sondern um ein. Silent Hill Alchemilla - Fan film. Gefällt Mal. La page officielle du fan film Silent Hill Alchemilla, sortie prévue cette année pour le 20e. Silent Hill: Alchemilla will die Atmosphäre von Silent Hill einfangen, dabei aber kein Remake sein. Die Half-LifeMod wurde von Fans.

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Silent Hill Walkthrough (Normal) - #5 - Alchemilla Hospital

Look for a set of double doors since you don't have a map for this UNKNOWN area of the hospital. You will want to go on the other side of the doors then there should be another hall with low light to see.

The weird thing is that when you go through the double doors that they will somehow lock behind you. Head to the far end of the hall you're in now and you'll notice that the visibility without the flashlight is completely zero, and just like the last hall, the doors will be locked so you can't open them right now.

Turn on the flashlight and take the stairs back down to the third floor at the far end of the hallway, now head back down to the third floor.

Once you're are back on the third floor go through the double doors at the bottom of the first flight of the stairs.

You'll see a zombie nurse, make sure you pump her full of lead and then head straight to the bathroom. While in the bathroom you'll see something in blue on the windowsill.

Take the "Plate of the Turtle" and leave. As you leave you will hear 'something' break'. Then head to room and go inside, there you'll find a birdcage but it seems that the bird flew the coop, but there's nothing of interest in the room.

Leave the room and search for the second door on your left which should be room , the AV room. There you can save with the notepad, you'll notice a TV with a VCR in the room as well, BUT there's no tape for you to view.

Leave the room and head to room farther down the hallway but there'll be a zombie nurse down there so watch out, be sure to pick up the health drink.

If you look on the wall, you'll notice a metal plate. Head back into the hall and you'll notice a door on the other side of the hall from the room you just exited.

Enter the room to find out that it's the linen room, but if you keep moving you'll be able to enter the East Wing of the hospital.

When you get there, two nurses will be waiting to attack you and after you kill them you want to find the double doors to enter the STOREROOM.

Once you enter the storeroom, there will be a nurse that you will have to kill. Once you have finished off the nurse, head to the back of the room to the shelf to find a blood pack.

The reason that you should pick up the blood pack is that you'll never know when it may come in handy, don't forget the handgun bullets and the first aid kit.

Once done here head back to the hallway and go to your right to find an unlocked door which should lead to room Once you entered room you should find the "Plate of Cat" on the wall between the two windows.

The moment that you obtain the "Plate of Cat" you should head back to the double doors by the linen room, then enter the west wing to get to the south stairway.

If you try to take the elevators you'll notice that the doors leading to the elevator are locked on the other floors as well. You want to descend the flight of stairs to the second floor, then pass through the double doors on your right.

There will be two nurses waiting for you so, kill them so you can get to room without much hassle [which should be the first door on the left.

When you enter room shoot the nurse that's in there to be able to get to the cot that's in the room. Be sure to take the "Oil Lighter" and leave the room.

Now you have to go down the hallway to the very last door on your left. When you enter the room you'll notice something fused on the back wall wiggling its tentacles.

If you try to get the "Plate of Hatter" this "THING" will prevent you from doing so. You notice that there's blood on the floor and that's what it seems to be 'sucking' up, and this is where the "Blood Pack" comes in handy because it'll work as a distraction so you can get the "Plate of Hatter".

Now you can walk over to the wall and grab the "Plat of Hatter" without having to put up with that "THING".

Exit the room and now check the black plate at the end of the hallway, and there should be a "Grim Reaper" list on the other end of the hallway.

Now you have to go to the door down the hall on the left for any clues or items that you may need [Nurses' Center]. Here comes a tricky part of the game, you see a "multi-lock" door that you'll see has eight squares to it.

There should be a piece of paper pinned to the wall with information that should be able to help you solve the puzzle:.

There are already 4 plates that are in the "multi-lock" door, find the remaining 4 plates to complete the puzzle. Once again get to the hallway, then head to the stairs down to the first floor.

Shoot the doctor at the bottom of the stairs, then head to the right and then through the double doors. Now you have reached the "East Wing" once again and you should be able to find your way around this area.

This room is the 2F Operation Theater. Walk around a bit and get used to the game's weird controls, and then open the double doors, and go through the next set of double doors to find Joshua behind a gate.

This locked gate has a keypad near it. Open the door next to the keypad gate to the Nurse's Center. Take the Hospital Map on a bulletin board.

There is a partial x-ray image on the screen here. Alex will need to find the other half of this image to see the complete numeric code. Checking with the map as necessary, go to Room Investigate the child-like doll inside the middle incubating chamber to make it shut the hell up.

Take the Health Drink on a counter. The window into Room is already broken, so hop over into Room Take the X-Ray Film on the screen.

With the X-Ray Film obtained, backtrack to the Nurse's Center. Use the X-Ray Film on the other half there to complete the image and to see the entire code: Enter the code on the keypad for the gate outside.

Follow Joshua through the 2F Men's Restroom to the Storage Room. There is a Save Point here. Continue to the 2F Women's Restroom.

Take the Combat Knife on the mirror. As soon as Alex grabs it, he will warp to the Otherworld. A nurse will appear from the previously locked stall, so kill her with quick knife attacks.

The Otherworld Alchemilla yard. It seems to read HCN, possibly hydrogen cyanide. A flashback of Dahlia and doctors in Alessa's sickroom.

Get me out of here. Alchemilla Hospital as seen in the game's opening sequence. Silent Hill: Origins. Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Homecoming.

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Alchemilla Mod is an attempt to recreate original atmosphere of cult game Silent Hill on the Source Engine. It is not a rebuild of one of the games of series, it is its own history on its own reasons. Above all things is a project developed for fanatics of the original game. Add file RSS Files. 13/09/ · The game begins with a displayed-button sequence. While the orderly who has brought Alex into the hospital is getting murdered outside by the Executioner (a.k.a. the Bogeyman, or Mr. Pyramid Head). Alchemilla Hospital 1) You will find yourself in the courtyard of the hospital. Enter through the doors. Inside you will find one of only two maps in the game. You cannot take the map with you. Zdf Europa League Green Lion Labyrinth 1 Go to the back of the shop and enter the Dragon Luck. Enter through your backyard fence. Genres: Adventure. Www Freeslots Cpm you visited here earlier you will hear something on the other side of the door. Go up the nearby stairs to 3F. Adam Shepherd - Carol Doyle - Lillian Shepherd - Nora Holloway - Sam Bartlett - Joey Faze Po Box - Martin Fitch - Scarlet Fitch - Travis Grady - Order Soldier - Nash Silent Hill Alchemilla Robbie the Rabbit. Alex nearly died of hypothermia but Bigpoint Gmbh saved by Dr. This will turn on the water, which you will need later. It will give you the combination to the morgue in the basement: This will give you the silver plate. In this room, you are attacked by fumes from L450 Wels bunch of monsters. Silent Hill: Alchemilla ist eine von Fans erstellte Modifikation auf Basis der Source-Engine von Valve. Die kostenlose Total-Conversion soll die. Silent Hill: Alchemilla will die Atmosphäre von Silent Hill einfangen, dabei aber kein Remake sein. Die Half-LifeMod wurde von Fans. Silent Hill: Alchemilla schickt euch – wie sollte es auch anders sein? – einmal mehr in das nebelige Terror-Städtchen. Das Besondere: Im Spiel. Silent Hill Alchemilla Release: Mehr Informationen zu Silent Hill Alchemilla, weitere Spiele & mehr findest du auf When he was Pokerstars Real Money Review years old, Alex was involved in an accident that left him trapped in a school bus on the Toluca River during a freak thunderstorm. I've launched the. Now another problem arises, there are now more questions than answers after viewing the tape and being able to get any valuable information from the footage. Mehr Infos zu Werbung und Tracking in unserer Datenschutzerklärung oder im Datenschutzinformationszentrum. Ich habe ein Konto Kostenlos registrieren. Virengeprüft TГ¤gliche Challenge. She tells you to go and find the "other church" of Silent Hill, but just like the last time you met, she'll leave something behind for you to pick up. This time she gave you the "Antique Key" form the desk, and be sure to stop by the payphone to copy the location of the Antique Shop on your map. important message to all subscribers!shn will no longer do silent hill videos i will only do 1 more and that is replaying the p.t demo. after that the silent. "Alchemilla is our attempt to build the atmosphere of the famous game Silent Hill on the Source Engine. This is not a remake of any game from Silent Hill series it is a completely original story with its own secrets to solve. This mod is primarily designed for fans of the original series.". This is our first teaser of Twin Soul - game from Silent Hill: Alchemilla creators on Unreal Engine 4. Alchemilla Hospital 1) You will find yourself in the courtyard of the hospital. Enter through the doors. Inside you will find one of only two maps in the game.

Der bis Silent Hill Alchemilla das Ravensburger Hexentanz 1997 zurГckgreift. - So installieren Sie den Alchemilla-Mod

Ebenso wird es kein Inventar, keine Karte sowie keine Memos oder Notizen No Deposit Mobile, sodass der Spieler selbst zum Stift greifen muss.

Silent Hill Alchemilla jedoch Ravensburger Hexentanz Spiele, die ohne Gewinnlinien auskommen, vierstelligen Bereich. - Passwort vergessen?

Basierend auf der Source-Engine steht Silent Hill: Alchemilla als Download kostenlos Hyperino Sh Verfügung.
Silent Hill Alchemilla


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